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Transition from Relaxed to Natural Part 2 | Big Chop Disappointment?

Transition from Rlaxed to Natural Part 2 | Big Chop Disappintment?

Truthfully, I didn’t like my hair immediately after doing the big chop.

I did it myself, and smiled while doing so.  I was glad to finally get rid of inches and inches of damaged hair. I felt like I had turned to a new chapter in my life and was excited and hopeful.

I felt like there were endless hair possibilities available to me because I chose to go natural and yet I felt the way a deflated balloon looks.

How to Do the Big Chop on Your Own Locks

Woman Looking at her Natural HairOne year into the transition from relaxed to natural I got tired of looking for new and creative ways to style my hair.

I grabbed a pair of scissors, found the line of demarcation, or place on my hair where my brittle relaxed hair ended and healthy natural hair began, and got to chopping, literally!

It was quick and easy and I smiled the entire time.

Damage Report: Does Going Natural Instantly Repair Hair Damage?

Super Model Naomi Campbell
Super Model Naomi Campbell
When I began the process of transitioning my hair was a mess.

It was long, just about bra strap length in the back, but it was over processed and as a result, paper thin.

To make matters worse, after having my son my hair began to thin even more and I was at a loss for what to do.

I can painfully recall having an event to attend and deciding to do a sew in. I decided to leave my hair out in the front for a more natural look and worked fast so that I could make it out of the house on time.

How I Came to Embrace Naturalness and Love My Natural Hair

I wish I could say that I fell in love with the idea of going natural and embracing the hair that God gave me because of some strong inner convictions as is the case for some.

When I made the decision to do the BC (big chop) I wasn't intentionally throwing off the shackles of outwardly imposed European beauty standards or making a political statement. For me, this just wasn't the case.

How I Came to Embrace Naturalness
I came to love my natural locks and learned how to care for them as a result of grooming my son's hair.

As most folks know, black children are born with soft straight, slightly wavy or slightly curly hair that is as smooth as the kids bottom.

As weeks pass the child's hair curls up more and more until their uncut hair resembles an afro. This was the case for my now 3 year old son. As his hair changed I had to figure out what to do with it. Years of relaxing my hair until it was bone straight left me with damaged hair and completely disconnected from my natural hair roots.

I had to learn and learn fast.

Read "Damage Report: Does Going Natural Instantly Repair Hair Damage?" for more of my hair journey and how I grew healthy hair.

I learned to wet his hair before styling to detangle it in order to avoid long screaming sessions.

I switched to all natural Shea butter to seal in moisture and learned different tips and tricks to styling his 4b hair and before long I came to admire his little head of hair - it was easy to comb, soft, healthy and was a compliment magnet!

I figured I could apply the same methods to my hair and have the same glowing results - so far, so good.

Going natural is about loving, nurturing and protecting your hair just as it grows out of your scalp.

It is self care applied to your wonderful hair.

Chanel Polk

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