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Hair La Vie by LaMuse Beauty | Product Review

During my childhood, I heard the story of Samson, the guy that was rendered powerless without his hair. I didn’t give it much thought, until my own struggles with hair loss entered my world and I suddenly found myself gazing into the mirror at someone I didn’t recognize.

When that hair cut you chose just isn’t what you had hoped for…

When you decided the hairdresser that was charging less for a relaxer/perm, might be okay…

Products That Help Reverse Age Related Hair Loss | for All Hair Types

After realizing hair loss has suddenly made its ‘disappearance’ upon your head, have you ever found yourself gazing into the mirror, and uttering the famous words of Chewbacca, the one and only legendary Wookie of Star Wars?

“Uuuuuuuur Ahhhrrrr Uhrrrr Ahhhrrrr Aaaaargh…”

After all, what could Chewbacca, with all that flowing and plentiful hair, possibly have to complain about?

Grape Seed Oil | for Type 4 Natural Hair

Grape Seed Oil for Type 4 Hair
Those juicy red, green or purple grapes you love to eat chilled on a hot summer’s day are not only a healthy junk food alternative but are also the source of one of nature’s most powerful natural oils.

All About Sweet Almond Oil | Type 4 Natural Hair

Sweet Almond Oil for Type 4 Natural Hair

*Allergy Alert: Sweet almond oil should not be used by individuals who suffer from allergies to nuts.

Sweet almond oil is a natural oil derived from the nut of the sweet almond plant. These nuts, generally known as almonds, originated in the Middle East and are used widely across the globe for cooking and baking and are often eaten raw or roasted.

All About Olive Oil | for Type 4 Natural Hair

Everything You Need to Know About Oilve Oil For Coarse, Type 4 Afro Textured Hair

Olive oil is good for so much more than making salad dressing and cooking your favorite vegetables or cuts of meat. The same characteristics that make olive oil one of the healthiest oils to consume make it exceptionally good for nurturing your precious kinks, coils and curls to ultimate hair health.

Olives are the fruit of the olive tree which was originally found in the Mediterranean thousands of years ago. According to Wikipedia, the tree was cultivated and grown around the globe throughout history and has been used by citizens of notable ancient civilizations like ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece. The use of olive oil is even recorded in the Bible.
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