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The Story of the Disappearing Edges

How We Lost Our Edges and How to Make them Grow Back

Here’s a story that I know a lot of ladies can relate to …

Back in the day my friends and I were very particular about our hairlines. We smoothed fingerfulls of thick, cool to the touch, brown styling gel on the hair that grew along our temples and used small toothed combs to create designs and little finger waves.

We made sure our “kitchen”, or the short hairs along the nape of the neck, were nap, kink and curl free in similar fashion. Our pony tails, French rolls and buns were “fried, dyed and laid to the side”, as they say. We were following the trends of the 1990’s – trends that left no room for our natural hair textures. Most often, any girl whose natural, afro textured hair was showing got laughed at.
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