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My Denman Brush Fell Apart

After reading about how wonderful the Denman Brush is to use on natural, type 4, afro textured hair, I took a trip down to Sally’s Beauty Supply and bought one of my own.

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I fell in love with it immediately. Its spiked bristles cut through my kinks and curls without tangling and without even a hint of struggle. As long as I properly moisturized my hair before use, brushing my hair was completely pain free and resulted in little to no shedding. I was convinced I had a winner and promised myself that I would use no other brush on my precious hair.

The Denman Brush for Natural Hair

I came across the Denman brush for the first time online back when I was looking for people who were successfully maintaining healthy natural hair anywhere I could find them. I wanted to do what they were doing so that I too could be a natural hair success story.

I was amazed to discover that many of the naturals who had long, healthy hair looked at the act of combing and brushing their hair differently than most. 

A lot of them combed their hair infrequently opting to work through their hair with their fingers instead. They typically used wide toothed combs or special brushes like the Denman brush to detangle their hair while it was still damp after washing or conditioning.

I was a little skeptical about using the Denman brush at first because of its unique design but my concerns were soon put to rest. 

Most hair brushes have segments of bristles coming out of a solid plastic or wooden base but the Denman brush has semi-flexible plastic spikes coming out of a flexible rubber like base instead. The flexible plastic spikes cut through natural hair like a pick does and the flexible base helps the brush move with your hair resulting in less tugging.

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I purchased the Denman brush for $10 from Sally’s Beauty Supply. I use it often to carefully detangle my hair after it has been conditioned and for styling well moisturized, slightly damp hair. I would recommend it highly to any natural in search of the right tools to care for their hair.

Chanel Polk

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