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How to Do Cornrows on Coarse, Type 4 Natural Hair

Singer Ciara with cornrows

Cornrows, typically braids that are arranged in neat rows and that begin at the front of the head and stretch to nape of the neck, are one of the best hair styles to learn to do on your own.

They are quick to do and relatively easy once you get the hang of doing them. The great thing about cornrows is that they are a good protective style (a style that can be worn to protect your hair from breakage due to daily styling) that can last a few weeks if they are maintained well. 

What is Protective Styling?

What is Protective Styling?

Coarse, type 4, afro textured natural hair is a wonderful hair texture.

On the plus side, it can be straightened, curled, braided and worn in an infinite amount of cuts and colors. It’s just amazing that way but, in all honesty, it has a downside too.

Coarse, afro textured hair can take forever to detangle and even longer to air dry after it has been washed. Straightened type 4 hair curls back up at the very hint of moisture in the air and, as if all of that isn’t bad enough, chronic dryness and tangled curls and kinks can make breakage a nightmare. 

That’s where protective styling comes in – it takes all of the negatives and makes them much easier to deal with.

Crochet Braid Do-It-Yourself Tutorial

Crochet hook for hair

I love the look of well done crochet braids. Unlike sew-in weaves or clip-on extensions that involve the use of weave that is sewn on to a thin piece of fabric called a “track”, crochet braids require the use of bundles of loose braiding hair or hair specifically designed for crochet braids.

If properly done, the result can be a more natural looking weave because the loose hair can potentially provide more flexibility regarding the amount of hair used and how and where it is integrated into the hair.

I selected this YouTube crochet braid tutorial from HowToBlackHair to be one of Chanel’s YouTube Picks because the instructions are easy to understand. 

The tutorial slowly takes the viewer step by step through the style creation process from beginning to end and result is a stylish and modern. 

Anyone who follows the tutorial and completes the steps as instructed for this do-it-yourself hair style will be able to create a salon quality hair style on their own in the comfort of their own home and for a fraction of the cost of a beauty shop visit.


Chanel Polk
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