Shea Moisture Pulled This Ad After Backlash From Black Women With Natural Hair

Shea Moisture Hair Hate Advertising Campaign Images

Shea Moisture, the natural hair and beauty product line that recently pushed for greater space in retail stores for products created for ethnic consumers, is facing a severe backlash from some of its customers for a promotional video that appears to leave black women with kinky and curly type 4 natural hair out to dry.

The ad, in which women of different ethnicities and with straight to curly hair textures discuss their feelings about dealing with negative responses from others about their hair, was met with anger, disappointment and vows to abandon the product line by black women with type 4 natural hair who feel the unjust treatment many black women face for wearing their natural hair texture, which has included being terminated from employment and suspended from school, has been minimized by the brand because a woman with type 4 hair, the texture most discriminated against, was not highlighted in the ad.

Shea Moisture has since the ad and posted an apology to its Facebook page acknowledging its marketing blunder.

Author: Chanel Polk

Here's the ad that got Shea Moisture in hot water with its loyal customers:

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