Solange’s Song Don’t Touch My Hair Is a Warning and a Reason Why

Solange leaning her head on a man's shoulder

Solange ‘s new song "Don’t Touch My Hair" from her number one album A Seat at the Table has given words and rhythm to one of the major sources of anger and frustration for many people with natural, afro textured hair.

As the popularity of natural hairstyles among women of African descent has surged so has curiosity about their undoubtedly unique hair texture. As a result, many people who choose to wear afros, dreadlocks and other styles that display a natural kinky and curly hair texture have had to deal with the awkwardness that comes along with a person of another race or ethnic group asking to touch their hair or even worse having someone touch their hair without being permitted to do so.  

Solange standing front and center of a group of men and women

"Don’t Touch My Hair" is a warning to those who dare to touch someone’s natural hair but it’s also much more than that. Solange’s song is also part anthem that sings the praises of her natural “crown” and part explanaton. Solange’s hair is more than just hair.

Solange sings, “They don’t understand / What it means to me / Where we chose to go / Where we’ve been to know … I gave it my time / But this here is mine.”

For Solange natural, afro textured hair has deep cultural and emotional significance. Her lyrics suggest that her natural hair is connected to an awareness of self that has come as a result of searching for her own truth and the pride comes from self acceptance – sentiments that are shared by many people who proudly wear natural hair.

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