Braided Hairstyles Worn Today Look Like African Tribal Styles of the Past

African woman with hair styled in micro braids

Box braids, bantu knots, afros and other hairdos are the styles of choice for many conscious, fashion forward men and women these days. If we could rewind the clock a few hundred years we would be surprised (or not) to discover that many of these very same hairstyles were very much in vogue with the indigenous tribes of Africa.

A woman sits as another braids extensions into her hair

Feeding plant or other fibers into the hair to create long "extensions", picking out and patting hair into a round afro or parting and braiding hair into perfect geometric shapes are practices deeply rooted in African culture.

Watch hair stretching and braiding and see African tribal hairstyles as they are being created by people who lived in Africa in the 1930's.

Chanel Polk

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