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During my childhood, I heard the story of Samson, the guy that was rendered powerless without his hair. I didn’t give it much thought, until my own struggles with hair loss entered my world and I suddenly found myself gazing into the mirror at someone I didn’t recognize.

When that hair cut you chose just isn’t what you had hoped for…

When you decided the hairdresser that was charging less for a relaxer/perm, might be okay…

When you realize that your hair isn’t as lusciously full as it used to be…

It’s time for Hair La Vie!

This hair supplemental vitamin is designed to encourage expedient hair growth. Most users notice scalp hair becoming fuller and lengthier in approximately 60 days.

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Hair La Vie is currently marketed as an all natural hair dietary supplement, with approximately 20 beneficial ingredients compared to other most popular hair supplemental products on the market that contain only two. That’s up to 14 more healthy active nutrients, with no synthetic fillers, binders, or additives included. Yes, they use veggie capsules!

With an unconditional 90 day 100% money back guarantee and a Five Star rating (the highest), along with a multitude of rave reviews, it’s certainly worth a try, if you’re looking to quickly stimulate hair re-growth for any reason. Plus, there are no known or mentioned negative side effects or undesired hair growth in other areas of the body. However, please keep in mind, if you take a multi-vitamin or other supplements be aware of the amounts of certain vitamins you ingest daily. In other words, make sure you are not taking too much of any particular vitamin.

My personal experience with the product has been 100% positively great. After approximately 120 days of usage, my hair has filled in, in areas I had recognized thinning and my hair has had very noticeable growth. My hairdresser even comments on how healthy, shiny, and soft my hair has become, while also seeing less loss from my scalp after shampoos.

Cost: $39.00 per bottle (30 day supply).
However, there are bulk order options that can reduce your cost per bottle.

Use: Each capsule is about 1 inch long and a quarter of an inch wide. Take two per day (as directed by the bottle) – one with a meal in the morning and the other with a meal in the evening.

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