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After realizing hair loss has suddenly made its ‘disappearance’ upon your head, have you ever found yourself gazing into the mirror, and uttering the famous words of Chewbacca, the one and only legendary Wookie of Star Wars?

“Uuuuuuuur Ahhhrrrr Uhrrrr Ahhhrrrr Aaaaargh…”

After all, what could Chewbacca, with all that flowing and plentiful hair, possibly have to complain about?

If so, fret not; this article will share my personal struggles on the subject and the steps I implemented into my daily life for successful hair re-growth.

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Many hair issues come from simply not having sufficient levels of the vitamins and minerals our bodies require to function properly. So, I started there and began adding the following to my daily routine:

Co Q-10 Dietary Supplement

100 mg of Co Q-10
Where to Buy: Publix Grocery Store
Cost: $13.00

Hair La Vie Hair Vitamin

A hair vitamin (I chose Hair La Vie, but there are many to choose from on the market)
Where to Buy:
Cost: $35.00 per bottle (but you can order in bulk to drop the price per bottle)

Evening Primrose Oil

2600 mg Evening Primrose Oil
Where to Buy: Native Sun Health Food Store
Cost: $18.00

Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement

A daily multi-vitamin
Where to Buy: Native Sun Health Food Store
Cost: $10.00

Zinc Dietary Supplement

30 mg of Zinc
Where to Buy: GNC
Cost: $7.00

Hair washing has slowed down to twice a week for me (difficult for someone who previously washed her hair every to every other day, but you’ll learn to appreciate twice a week hair washings, when you notice your hair looking gorgeous, shiny, strong and thicker. I experimented with and absolutely love Keranique shampoo and conditioner (free of sulfates, dyes, and parabens):

Keranique Shampoo and Conditioner
Keranique Shampoo & Conditioner
Where to Buy:
Cost: $60.00 for the duo (but Dermstore has nice coupon deals, so I stick with them)

Also, after reading many complimentary online stories about triumphant hair rejuvenation through use of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, I decided to give it a try:

Organic Coconut Oil

Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil
Where to Buy: Publix Grocery Store
Cost: $10.00
  • Once a week I melt a little Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and rub all over my scalp and throughout my hair.
  • I leave it on for 30 min to 1 hour with a shower cap covering my head.
  • I wash my hair and lightly condition with Keranique products, then
  • I allow my hair to naturally air dry for about 15 minutes before hair picking through and allowing to air dry completely.
One thing I can say for certain, after using this product, is that my hair is beautiful and silky!
I started operation “Come back hair! Please come back!” the week of January 18, 2015. So, in approximately the past 60 days, I’ve gone from this:

Thinning Hair

To this:

Thick Hair

While everyone’s stories are different, this one is mine. I hope you’ll find it inspiring and motivating to begin your own exciting and victorious path toward more abundant and healthy hair. After spending so many years abusing my hair with bleaches and hot styling tools, I have come to appreciate the hair I have now and plan to keep it Forever Natural!

Look for the products listed in this article and products like them at your local drug store, beauty supply or online.

Yvonne Saint-Laurent is a freelance writer with experience in editing, proofreading, project management, team building and sales training. She lives in Jacksonville, Florida.

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