Three Ways Type 4 Afro Textured Hair is Different From Other Hair Textures

Ever wondered what makes type 4 afro textured hair look and feel so different from different hair textures? Here are three main characteristics that set this unique hair texture apart from the rest.

1. Composed of Kinks and Coils

An individual strand of type 4, afro textured hair typically forms a tight coil that is interrupted by a kink, or an abrupt sharp angle, that can turn the strand of hair in an entirely different direction while other strands of hair may just be very tightly coiled. Individuals with 4a and 4b hair may have more coils while those with 4c hair may have more kinks and coils combined – the result, lack of a clearly defined curl pattern.

2. Highly Porous

Much like a sponge, type 4 hair soaks in moisture quickly and looses it just as fast – the result, dry, brittle and tangled hair.

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3. Capable of Shrinking and Stretching

Type 4 afro textured hair (and all of the coarser hair textures) possesses the unique ability to shrink when exposed to moisture and to remain in a shrunken state after drying causing the entire length of hair to condense into a short, afro like mass of hair. Hair in this state can be stretched (straightened) a little or a lot using heatless stretching methods like braiding or banding or with the use of blow dryers, flat irons or straightening combs.

Chanel Polk

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