Organics Hair Mayonnaise by Africa’s Best | Product Review

Organics Hair Mayonnaise by Africa’s Best is a protein infused cream for damaged or weak natural or chemically treated hair that can be used daily or as a periodic deep conditioning treatment.

Organics Hair Mayonnaise by Africa’s Best is designed to condition, moisturize and add strength to hair that has been over-processed or damaged as a result of daily styling or poor hair care maintenance.

The water based conditioning treatment contains several types of protein (cholesterol, soluble collagen and egg powder) to help restore your hair’s strength and vitality in addition to olive oil to help restore your hair’s moisture. Its hair nurturing power is also given a boost by plant extracts like nettle, rosemary leaf and horsetail among others that help improve overall hair health.

Organics Hair Mayonnaise by Africa’s Best contains natural ingredients but is not marketed as an all natural hair care product. The product contains mineral oil (a petroleum byproduct), an assortment of artificial colors and a host of synthetic ingredients that many naturals try their best to avoid as they transition to a healthier hair care regimen.

The product leaves hair soft, manageable and very easy to style even your hair is completely dry. It works well for smoothing edges, creating ponytails, and up do’s and for creating two strand twists among other hairstyles. It is a great buy for those who can’t afford high priced all natural hair products and for individuals who have a difficult time finding natural hair products in their area.

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Cost: $3.49 (15 oz jar)

Where to Buy: Online, Walgreens drug stores or your neighborhood beauty supply

Chane Polk
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