My Denman Brush Fell Apart

After reading about how wonderful the Denman Brush is to use on natural, type 4, afro textured hair, I took a trip down to Sally’s Beauty Supply and bought one of my own.

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I fell in love with it immediately. Its spiked bristles cut through my kinks and curls without tangling and without even a hint of struggle. As long as I properly moisturized my hair before use, brushing my hair was completely pain free and resulted in little to no shedding. I was convinced I had a winner and promised myself that I would use no other brush on my precious hair.

Problems began to arise after I had owned my Classic Denman brush for nearly a year. It became harder and harder to pull the brush through my hair.

I would literally have to push the spiked bristles down through my hair to make sure the brush was in securely before pulling it all the way through. Using the Denman brush was definitely requiring more effort to use that it ever had and I found myself using other types of brushes and combs as far inferior substitutes.

One day, I took a good look at my Denman brush and discovered that the natural rubber base that holds the plastic spiked bristles in place was deteriorating. There was a huge sinkhole forming near the top of my brush – and it looked kind of nasty.

Denman Brush with Hole

Denman Brush With Hole 2

Denman Brush with Hole

Although I have no credible scientific source to back me up, I have a hunch that the natural oils (castor, Vitamin E, carrot and sweet almond to be exact) and butters (Shea butter is my favorite) ate away at the natural rubber base over time. Admittedly, I never washed my brush. I only cleaned it of hair from time to time. I figure the natural oils I adorn and nurture my scalp with had an easy time doing their destructive work on my one and only favorite hair brush.

I’m still a huge fan of the Denman brush. In fact, I rushed out and bought a replacement ($10 + tax at Sally’s Beauty Supply, also available online) immediately after the demise of the first one. Although this is true, I must admit the loss of my first brush was a rude awakening for a frugal girl like me. Unlike 100% plastic or natural/plastic combination brushes that can last for years and years the Denman brush will surely fall apart without proper cleaning and maintenance.

Chanel Polk

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