Hard, Dry Hair Explained | All About Porosity

When you hear someone say the word “porosity”, it seems as if everything that follows goes in one ear and out the other.

Sometimes the concept is too confusing or someone is just giving a bad explanation. Either way, you know it is important to hair care but you don’t really bother to learn the concept because what you’re doing works just fine and porosity is too difficult to understand, right?

Wrong! Porosity is actually pretty easy to understand and it’s imperative that you know your specific level to customize and optimize your hair care routine. Porosity is defined as your hair’s ability to absorb water or other chemicals into the shaft of the hair.

Watch Sister Scientist explain it all with a sponge experiment.

Read more on porosity from Sister Scientist (and watch more of her videos) on The Natural Hair Academy.com.

Kim Lewis of The Natural Hair Academy

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