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GrandPa's Pine Tar Soap

We all have our preferred methods of washing and maintaining our beautiful natural tresses. No one method is better than the other. What I have learned is that you have to listen to your hair and scalp. Every method doesn't work for everyone. So Experiment!

Let's Begin.....

GrandPa's Wonder Pine Tar Soap


Coconut Oil

Palm Oil

Purified Water

Pine Tar Oil (Pinus Palustris)

Vegetable Glycerin

Product Instructions:

Excellent for bathing, showering, shaving and shampooing

$4.29 (Price may vary at different retail locations and online)

Size of Product:
3.25 oz

How I Discovered GrandPa's Wonder Pine Tar Soap

As always, I was in one of my favorite retail stores looking for yet another product to help me with my scalp psoriasis. An elderly woman told me about this product and when she handed me the soap box the smell was over powering. I figured what the heck, let me try it and boy was I glad it did.

How I Use This Product

I wash my hair once a week with this soap. I lather my hair 3 times and during each lather I let the soap sit on my hair for at least 5 to 10 minutes. I rinse my hair with lukewarm to cool water and I must say when I'm done rinsing my scalp feels AMAZING!

Anyone who suffers from scalp psoriasis or even eczema can benefit from this soap.

Not only do I have scalp psoriasis I also suffer from eczema on my skin and it works MIRACLES!!!

I must say the smell is strong but the overall benefit is PRICELESS!

Now when you wash your hair with this soap it doesn't give good slip but that doesn't matter you just have to follow up with a great conditioner.

So this soap gets ⭐ ️⭐ ️⭐ ️⭐ ️⭐

Please remember this is an item that has been working for me for close to 2 years and I have no complaints.

I give information based on my own experiences. Everyone has different expectations when it comes to hair care. My expectation was to find relief from scalp psoriasis.

Simply Rose’s Daughter
FNH Contributor

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