How to Use Castor Oil | For Type 4 Natural Hair

How to Use Castor Oil | for Type 4 Natural Hair
Not quite sure what to do with that bottle of castor oil you that’s been staring back at you from that shelf in your bathroom that’s stacked high with half used jars and bottles of hair creams, shampoos and conditioners? Concerned that you threw away almost $10 on something you’ll never use?

No need to worry. Using castor oil on type 4 natural hair is easy.

The great thing about castor oil, and most natural oils, is that they are simple to use. It doesn’t matter whether the castor oil you purchased is sold specifically for use on hair and labeled not to be taken internally, or sold as a stimulant laxative and labeled safe for internal use (to be taken orally) – both products will produce the same benefits for your coarse, type 4, natural hair when applied topically.

On the Scalp
No one knows exactly why castor oil works to remedy hair loss but this natural oil has been used for centuries for this very purpose. If the women of ancient Egypt, who were known for their beauty and whose beauty secrets are still in use today used castor oil for their hair, it just might be worth trying.

Apply castor oil to your edges, along the hairline and the scalp daily to promote overall hair growth and to help restore hair lost to chemical treatments and traction alopecia. Results will vary but may be seen as soon as a few weeks after regular use.

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On Your Hair
Use castor oil on your type 4 natural hair after you moisturize to seal in moisture. Coarse, tightly coiled hair looses moisture rapidly resulting in hard and often tangled and matted hair. When used immediately after the use of a moisturizer, your hair will remain softer for a longer period of time because of the barrier castor oil creates between your hair and the environment.

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Heat castor oil until it is warm to the touch and apply it to your hair while it’s damp, then cover with a plastic bag or shower cap for 15 minutes or more for an excellent moisturizing hot oil treatment.

Odor Free …
Eliminate the stinky smell of ordinary castor oil by mixing it with your favorite essential oil or by following its application with a scented hair product. If the odor of regular castor oil is still too much to bear, try scented varieties designed specifically for use on hair like Jamaican Mango and Lime’s Pure Black Castor Oil in coconut or lavender.

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Castor oil works wonders for type 4 natural hair because it restores the health of the hair and keeps it soft and moisturized while helping it grow.

If castor oil has brought your hair back to life or helped it grow we’d love to hear about it. Email your comments, photos or full length hair story to
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