Natural Hair Salon Visit Nightmare | From a Stylist That Wouldn’t Listen to One Who Would

You can't touch my natural hair!

I recently visited a salon in my area and inquired if they specialized in styling all textures of natural hair. I was told “yes” and I got very excited because there aren’t many natural hair salons in my area. We started discussing the products they used for their clients. Although they were very good products they may have caused my scalp psoriasis to flare up.

When the stylist asked what I was currently using in my hair I informed her that I use Pine Tar soap to wash my hair, a moisturizing shampoo a hydrating conditioner and then coconut oil because I have psoriasis.

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Almost immediately she was disgusted with the products I used. She stated, “I don’t like this brand” and “I don’t like that brand”. That put a sour taste in my mouth! I told her again that I have psoriasis on my scalp and that these are the products that work best for my hair and scalp. I asked if she would she allow me to bring my personal items for my hair. The look on her face was pure disgust and then she got offensive and said, “My salon uses good products”.

I never said that the products were bad, I said that I have psoriasis on my scalp and this is what works for me. I can’t afford to have a flare up.

After that experience I felt that I needed to share this. I feel that the overall health of my scalp and hair was not in her best interest. Psoriasis is a serious issue and dealing with it can be challenging. When stylists have a potential client who has laid everything out on the table they shouldn’t put their products down because they’re something that they don’t use or care for. It’s called “this is what works well for my scalp” not “let me use your products and have a flare up”.

Needless to say, I visited another salon. The new salon was open and understanding of the needs of my scalp and very educated on my condition. Not one time did the stylist put my products down but instead asked me questions like “what are the results you get” and “what can I do to help you maintain your scalp and hair health”. She was also very receptive to me bringing in my own hair products. At that moment I knew that this was the salon for me.

So my natural ladies, please do your research on the salons that you choose to service your masterpiece. If the salon does not have your scalp and hair health as a priority -move on!

Salon owners, when clients or potential clients are talking to you about what they have been dealing with for years and telling you what products works best for them – please Listen. Don’t get offensive. No one is saying that you don’t use quality products. Remember, a $2.00 product might work better than a $200 product. Remember, everyone’s hair and scalp has special needs and requirements.

When you find the right salon and they truly are dedicated in maintaining the overall health of your scalp and hair and most importantly a salon that listens to you and your concerns – make that your salon of choice.

If you feel uncomfortable with a salon then listen to your gut – thank them for their time – leave and move on to the next.

Simply Rose's Daughter
FNH Contributor
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