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I'm Natural and I Love My Wig

I wear a wig. Yep. I said it.

It’s straight, 14 inches long and has a cute little bang that hangs just above my eyebrows. It cost me just under $100. I know that sounds like a lot but I look at it as an investment.

With proper care and maintenance my 100% human hair wig can last for years. I don’t have to buy bundles of tracks or pay for sew-ins so I save big bucks in the long run.

Whenever I want to change up my style I can put it on and entirely change my look in a matter of minutes. If I’m short on time I can just comb it out, put it on and go on with my day without missing a beat.

I still consider myself “natural” despite the fact that I enjoy wearing wigs. Not one drop of relaxer or any other curl altering chemical has touched my head in almost two years and most of the products that I use for my hair are 100% natural.

I love my natural hair. I love its unique way of stretching and shrinking. I love the fact that it can be molded and sculpted like clay into beautiful works of art and I love how it looks when it is cut and colored any shade of the rainbow and how it acts as a means of expressing the creativity and individuality of its wearer.

I also love playing with my appearance. Over time I’ve become more of a fashion loving girlie girl. I enjoy experimenting with my makeup, hair and with the clothes I wear. I view my hair as the ultimate accessory – so I change it often to suit my mood or the overall appearance I want to achieve at any given time.

I don’t accept the notion that I must reject wearing straight hair, weaves, and wigs to be considered “natural”. I chose to cut off my chemically relaxed hair and to embrace the lovely hair that grows out of my scalp because it is the healthiest option. I’m in favor of creativity, self expression and above all personal choice. Women who wear their hair in its natural state shouldn’t allow themselves to be locked into a box that determines how they must wear their hair post big chop. As far as I’m concerned, a woman can wear her hair in a high top fade, rock braided extensions and throw on a wig all in the same week if she chooses to do so.

Being natural isn’t about accepting rigid rules that dictate how we should or shouldn’t wear our hair and it isn’t about seeking acceptance from others who would try to tell us what is best for us. Being natural is about embracing who you are and having the freedom to choose how you present yourself to the world.

Chanel Polk

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