Psoriasis, Natural Hair and a New Me

Coourage, Pride, Empowerment, Stregnth in Natural Hair

We have all read articles on why people decided to go natural. It could be just something that they want to try because everyone else is doing it or it could be that they really just want to embrace their natural side. Well for me it was a little more personal.

I reached a turning point in my life in 2013. My hair was styled in my signature short pixie haircut with golden brown highlights.

It was simply fierce!

Well, one particular morning something was really wrong. I took off my satin scarf and noticed that some of my hair was literally inside of the scarf. I was scared to death. I could not imagine what was going on with me. I took great care of my hair and thought I was using all of the proper products.

Let me tell you, I made it to my nearest emergency room in less than 10 minutes. I was finally seen by the ER Doctor and was told that I had psoriasis on my scalp.

My scalp had itched and flaked before and I thought that was normal but it wasn’t. I had failed to pay attention to what my hair and scalp were trying to tell me.

It was recommended that I see a dermatologist to get the condition under control. Of course, before leaving I had at least five prescriptions that I needed to fill because my scalp was in such horrible shape.

Two days later I was seen by a fabulous dermatologist who really took the time to examine the condition of my scalp and to make suggestions on what I could do to improve the condition. Of course all of these improvements involved medications and anyone who knows me knows that I don’t like medicine at all.

After she talked and made her recommendations she noticed the look on my face. I didn’t have to say a word because my face told an entire episode with alternate endings.

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She was a beautiful woman of color with a hue so rich in mahogany it was just literally breathtaking to me. She had a head full of mid length natural hair that was curly, bouncy and just gorgeous. She made a simple statement filled with powerful words that changed my life and my thinking and about how I was viewed by society and about what society feels is beautiful. I didn’t even realize that I was being held hostage by society’s standards concerning what is believed to be beautiful and acceptable.

“You take pride in what you put into your body so why not give the same care and affection to your hair”, she said.

A light bulb went off and flashed several times over and over in my head. I knew what I had to do!

I went natural and it was the BEST decision I ever made for myself! After about one month I noticed that my scalp was no longer inflamed itchy … YAYYY! During that one month period of time I transitioned and wore protective styles. It was really a blessing to me because I was able to give my hair and scalp a break from styling which was needed in order for the healing process to begin.

Some of the reactions I received from people were negative and some were positive. I had to learn to block out the negativity in my life and realized that my decisions were my own and that I didn’t need anyone else’s approval. When I tell you that I have really enjoyed embracing my coarse, kinky, coils and ringlets it’s truly an understatement. These textures in my hair are totally amazing. I love doing twist outs and wet sets.

My self- esteem has skyrocketed to Mars, bounced off of Jupiter and even visited Saturn. It’s a beautiful and rewarding feeling when you have found yourself and when you know that you are no longer looking for acceptance and approval from the outside world. God created these beautiful perfect imperfections of hair textures so I literally had to ask myself this question – If God thought his creation of me was perfect what gives me the right to alter his work?

Ok, this may sound crazy, but I’m thankful that I had this experience with psoriasis and had the opportunity to meet the dermatologist who changed my opinion about myself.

So, when anyone tells you that natural hair is not beautiful know that they are lying! Our hair holds strength, empowerment, courage and pride. Don’t forget there is always a story that goes with each and every coarse, kinky ringlet on your head. It’s up to you to explain the story behind it.

Yes, I was forced into going natural, but let me tell you, I’m a 1000% natural woman for life. It doesn’t matter how I arrived where I am today because this journey is just beginning.

Simply Rose’s Daughter is a woman of faith, wife, mother and natural hair blogger who is dedicated to helping others. She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Unknown said...

Sis, simply amazing!! Im so so proud of you, excited can't wait for the next article to come out!! :-) :-)

DCG said...

I really love your articles! It allows me to feel that going natural is not so bad. And that's major coming from a person that wears wigs!

Chanel Polk said...

Don't feel bad about wearing wigs. They can be a great protective style especially for individuals who have especially damaged hair and want to take a break from everyday styling so that their hair can become healthy again.

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