What's the Difference? Penetrating Oils vs Sealing Oils

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Penetrating oils are natural oils that are absorbed inside of the hair’s cuticle layer and as a result provide added moisture to the hair.

These oils include coconut, avocado, and olive oil with coconut oil being the most penetrating of the three. Add penetrating oils to your conditioner to create an excellent deep conditioning treatment. 

Sitting under the dryer or applying a plastic cap will help open the cuticles even more for better absorption of moisture. These are a must for highly porous hair but also beneficial for all hair types.

Sealing oils are natural oils that seal or help to lock moisture inside the hair. These oils create a barrier so that moisture does not evaporate out as quickly resulting in dry hair. Castor, almond and jojoba, are examples of sealing oils.

As a natural hair stylist and natural hair enthusiast, it’s my opinion that cold pressed, extra virgin castor oil provides the best seal. A small amount of this thick oil goes a long way. Castor oil makes the hair extremely soft and manageable. It is known to stimulate hair growth through the increase of circulation to the scalp and has emollient properties, so it will also draw moisture from the environment into the hair.

All of these oils are also great for the skin so applying them to the scalp as needed is an added benefit. Our hair thrives with these oils!

Latoya Rose FNH Contributor

Latoya Rose is a natural hair stylist, natural hair enthusiast and FNH Contributor.

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Very informative. Thanks for spelling out the differences!!

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