Carol's Daughter Products are Now Available at Target

Carol's Daughter Products Now Available at Target

Carol's Daughter creator Lisa Price has announced via social media that Carol's Daughter products will now be available at Target Stores and on the big box retailer's website.

The announcement is great news for those who enjoy the product line which claims to be chemical free and boasts the use of all natural ingredients in every bottle.

Carol's Daughter Hair Milk, Black Vanilla and Sacred Tiare hair care lines in addition to hair maintenance favories like Margaurite's Magic Restorative Cream Hairdress can be purchased in store with the brands all natural beauty and skin care lines soon to follow at select Target locations across the United States.

Carol's Daughter products will be newly packaged for Target stores and sold at a lower price than at other retailers. 

Price assures customers that they can expect the same Carol's Daughter products they have grown to love completely free of any changes in ingredients in a video message on the company's website

Chanel Polk

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