How to Do Cornrows on Coarse, Type 4 Natural Hair

Singer Ciara with cornrows

Cornrows, typically braids that are arranged in neat rows and that begin at the front of the head and stretch to nape of the neck, are one of the best hair styles to learn to do on your own.

They are quick to do and relatively easy once you get the hang of doing them. The great thing about cornrows is that they are a good protective style (a style that can be worn to protect your hair from breakage due to daily styling) that can last a few weeks if they are maintained well. 

Cornrows can be done on hair that is wet or dry. The style is easily done on hair that is in its kinky curly state or on straightened hair and typically looks best on hair that is about two inches in length or longer. I can't say ir enough - cornrows are easy. Just follow your regular hair regimen and follow the instructions that are in the easy to follow, step-by-step video below.

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One little thing about the video . . .

The stylist in this video uses gel to incorporate the hair along her hairline into the base of her braid.

Regular hair gels contain alcohol that cause the hair to dry out and gels or gelee’s that are designed for natural hair leave tiny white flakes in hair containing even the smallest amounts of oil. Coarse, afro textured, type 4 hair requires the use of oil to seal in moisture so leaving off the oil means that your hair will be dry and susceptible to breakage.

Use of a natural pomade, bee’s wax, or other natural oil for hair braiding ensures that any moisture you’ve applied to your hair will stay put. There are also some great alcohol free gels created specifically for use on natural hair but be warned, these hair gels can also flake or leave white residue in oily hair.

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