Can’t Find Natural Hair Products in Your Area | Try These Alternatives

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In a perfect world we would be able to buy the hair products that work best for our hair at the nearest store for less than what it takes to feed a family of four. 

Finding all natural, organic, natural hair products can be a difficult task.

The hard truth is that natural hair care products are given half a shelf of space or less in many retail stores and that many of the best products start at $10.

Natural hair staples like coconut oil, raw unrefined Shea Butter and castor oil are simply out of reach for:
  • people who live in out of the way places
  • those who live in communities where there are low numbers of people with naturally coarse hair
  • those who live where stores just don’t have natural hair care items in stock and
  • for those without internet access and the credit or debit cards (prepaid or otherwise) that are required to shop online.
Not all products that are designed for other hair types will work for coarse hair (even the ones that claim to be moisturizing) but there are a few that work well and produce good results.

Some of these products do contain silicones, sulfates and other ingredients that people with natural hair are instructed to avoid in order to obtain optimum hair health but I personally feel that sometimes you have use what you can get until the time comes when you can get what you need.

With this concept in mind, I’ve put together a list of items that can be found in most drug stores. They are not specifically formulated for naturally coarse hair but they have worked for me and the people I know.

These products made the list because they contain more natural ingredients than most products I have come across on store shelves.  They are also advertised to contain fewer ingredients that would be harmful to natural hair and are relatively low in price. The final item on the list is widely available.

Natural Hair Care Product Alternatives:

1. Pantene Silicone Free Shampoo

2. TRESemme’ Products – especially the moisturizing conditioners    and low sulfate shampoo

3. Herbal Essences Shampoos and Conditioners

4. Doo Grow Products

5. Olive oil - can be used to seal in moisture and for deep conditioning treatments

Chanel Polk

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