TRESemme' Conditioner for Natural 4b/4c Hair | Product Review

TRESeme' Conditioner for natural 4b/4c Hair

Since going natural I’ve discovered that selecting the right conditioner is essential to maintaining the overall health of my hair.

Initially, I continued to use the same conditioner I had been using on my relaxed hair. The results were horrible. I ended up with hard hair that tangled and matted easily. After experiencing a lot of frustration with conditioners, I took the advice of a relative and gave TRESemme' a try.

Worth the risk?

TRESemme' is not marketed as a brand that is specifically formulated to meet the needs of coarse type 4b or 4c hair. The TRESemme' product line offers a variety of shampoos and conditioners that are designed to meet the various hair challenges of those with straighter hair types and promises to deliver salon quality results.

My coarse 4b/4c hair can become dry and brittle so I chose the TRESemme' Touchable Softness Smooth and Silky Moisturizing Conditioner with Moroccan Argan Oil.

According to, it delivers intense moisturization where your hair needs it without adding any unnecessary heaviness.

I applied it to my damp, freshly washed hair and immediately noticed that it was thicker than any conditioner I had ever used. Its slippery texture made combing my hair from root to tip for even product distribution almost effortless and completely pain free.

I left it in my hair for one hour instead of the 2 to 3 minutes suggested on the bottle for deeper conditioning and was surprisingly pleased by the results.

Mission Accomplished
My hair was soft to the touch even after my hair was dry, with only one use. It didn’t shrink down as much or become hard, tangled, or matted which made styling my hair much easier.

I bought 1 big 32 ounce bottle for under $4 from Target. It can also be purchased at drugstores like CVS Pharmacy, beauty supply stores or online at or other similar sites.

My hair has not been brittle or dry since using this product along with the others listed on the My Hair Regimen page. I would highly recommend it to anyone as an affordable alternative to higher priced conditioners. Read My Hair Care Regimen To Find Out How I Use TRESemme' Smooth And Silky Touchable Softness Conditioner With Moroccan Argan Oil

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