Dry Coarse Type 4b or 4c Hair? Here are Easy Ways to Retain Moisture

Dry Carse Type 4b or 4c Hair? Here are Easy Ways to Retain Moisture

Although I'm very happy to see so many people choosing to forego chemical hair straightening treatments to wear their hair in its natural kinky and curly state, I am almost equally dismayed when I see people with dull an dry looking natural hair.

I understand how difficult it can be to learn how to care for coarse natural type 4b or 4c hair because I too have fought this battle.

Coarse hair looses moisture quickly and gets tangled and hard when it is dry. Combing or attempting to style hair that is in this state is painful to the scalp and damaging to the hair because it can result in breakage.

Natural hair can't be treated like chemically straightend hair.

Applying a coin sized squirt of moisturizer to dry coarse type 4b or 4c hair will not work. A little dab of anything will not do.

Moisturizing and sealing in that moisture with a natural oil generously and regularly is the only way to keep coarse type 4b and 4c hair healthy in between co-washing or shampooing.

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In order to keep my hair moisturized, I spray my hair with Jamaican Mango and Lime Detangeler, then I rub a generous amount of Creamy Shea Butter through my hair at night before bed.

I also oil my scalp with Jamaican Mango and Lime Castor Oil to reduce dryness and itchiness (Vitamin E oil works well for this also) and I put on a silk scarf or bonnet.

In the morning, I lightly spritz my hair with detangler and apply more Creamy Shea Butter.

The way I moisturize and seal my hair may seem excessive.

Some believe that once oils are applied to natural hair that adding water is pointless because it can't penetrate the oil barrier.

I'm not a certified hair sylist, but I know what works for my hair and that makes me an expert on my hair texture. The process I use leaves my hair soft, healthy and shiny.

If I'm wearing my hair in an afro or twist out, I section my hair and braid or twist and follow my moisturizing regimen before bedtime. I repeat the process and allow my hair to dry before I remove the braids or twists in the morning.

Whether hair is moisturized with water or another water based product, adding moisture back to coarse type 4b or 4c hair and sealing that moisture in with a natural oil is, without a doubt, essential for overall natural hair health.

Chanel Polk

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