Damage Report: Does Going Natural Instantly Repair Hair Damage?

Super Model Naomi Campbell
Super Model Naomi Campbell
When I began the process of transitioning my hair was a mess.

It was long, just about bra strap length in the back, but it was over processed and as a result, paper thin.

To make matters worse, after having my son my hair began to thin even more and I was at a loss for what to do.

I can painfully recall having an event to attend and deciding to do a sew in. I decided to leave my hair out in the front for a more natural look and worked fast so that I could make it out of the house on time.

Things were progressing fine and I was thinking, “Whew, I’ll just wear my hair like this for a while to hide the thin spots,” until I tried to comb my loose hair over the weave and discovered that no matter which direction I combed my hair that my tracks were clearly visible.

I cried. It was not a good look.

Years of wearing individual braids (my weave of choice) and years of applying relaxers and leaving them on until my hair was bone straight had left me with hair that was thinning at the temples, at the crown and at the nape of the neck.

My hair was damaged so badly that when my son playfully grabbed my hair one day he ended up pulling out a clup in his little hand.

Liquid Hair Angel In A Bottle

I braided my hair in larger box braids than the near micros I had been wearing and decided to put down the “creamy crack” or relaxers, for good!

I was excited and sure that all of my hair would begin to grow back but this was not the case. After a few months I noticed that while the rest of my hair was coming in nicely, the damaged areas were not recovering on their own. Not to be deterred, I headed down to Sally’s Beauty Supply and bought a little bottle of Hollywood Beauty Vitamin E Oil.

I had remembered hearing a stylist say he applied Vitamin E to weakened areas of his client’s hair to achieve hair growth and I decided to give it a try. The positive results were almost immediate.

After one year of transitioning and two weeks after the big chop I am thankful to say that I have a full, healthy teeny weenie afro. I also style my hair in two strand twists.

Road To Recovery

I needed time to repair the damage I had done to my hair.

I lovingly nurtured my hair and scalp for one year all the while taking care not to braid my hair too tightly or leave braids in more than two months.

I did no heat styling, washed and conditioned as needed and applied Vitamin E oil daily until I achieved the hair health I desired.

Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair caused all kinds of emotions to surface.

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Chanel Polk

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